22-24 November 2024 - Leonardo, Milton Keynes

The Committee

Why did you start HotaruCon?

I remember well the wide-eyed awe of my first ever anime convention. I’d read the DramaCon manga and a group of us went all the way to Otakon, back when it was in Baltimore in the US. I came back to the UK doodling mascots on napkins and dreaming of what it would be like if we had something like that in the UK. Good news… we did!

I sat in the back of my mum’s car as she drove us to Southampton, taking silly photos of my friends and imagining what this new event was going to be like. Since then, I’ve made lifelong friends, had unforgettable experiences and now it’s your turn.

The committee of HotaruCon have come together to keep that spark of magic going. We have endeavoured to create a space that is inclusive, accessible, diverse and supportive. A space where you can learn and grow and shine.

We hope you enjoy the array of events and activities we’ve put together for you at this little event of ours, we're so happy you're here


Who are the committee?

Charlie (Chair)
Charlie’s first convention was Otakon in 2007 after reading the manga DramaCon and starting her own convention has been a dream ever since. She’s become a familiar face at UK conventions in the dealers room, events halls and cosplay masquerades and always in the thick of things. You can find her on TikTok and Instagram under @streetangelcosplay

Rick (Vice Chair)
Rick is a familiar face around the convention scene, he’s dipped in and out of many roles since his first con was Ayacon 2003. For him the best part about attending conventions, let alone running them, is the joy of being surrounded by people that share his hobbies and his interests.

Elizabeth (Safety Officer)
Elizabeth isn’t just your average convention attendee or gopher. After attending events without finding a stall that felt like it was ‘for her’, she started her own business and is a regular warm and welcome face in many a convention’s Dealers Hall. She brings to the team an abundance of knowledge within the community as well as experience dealing with diverse scenarios and issues that can occur at events.

Kai (Cosplay Liaison)
Kai’s been attending cons and cosplaying since 2009. Starting at MCM then branching out to anime conventions, he’s probably best known for his character skits in Cosplay Chess and throwing a sword offstage, nearly taking out the tech crew, as Prince Cornelius. You may also have peeped him in a gay bar on Eastenders once or twice.

Mennat (Gopher Mama)
Mennat’s a crazy geek who discovered anime at a young age but didn’t know what it actually was until much later. At uni tales of con-like events were regaled and she made it a mission to attend and still continues to do so! Her main love lies in manga and light novels, and she try to game when life permits.