22-24 November 2024 - Leonardo, Milton Keynes


Every year we run various charitable initiatives throughout the convention and we elect a different charity to support each time.

This year’s Con Charity is yet to be decided 👀

Keep an eye on our socials for your chance to vote on this year's Con Charity.

Charity Events at HotaruCon

Bring and Buy: 8.5% of all sales at the Bring and Buy go towards the Con Charity.

PopUp Vendors: We lay out some tables around the Cosplay Café which are yours to occupy and sell your wares in exchange for a donation of your choice to the Con Charity. These are for attendees who want to try peddling their products at a convention without the pressure of committing a whole weekend, buying in enough stock and ransacking Ikea for table dressing.

Cosplay Cafe: Doesn't everyone fancy a bit of tea and cake on a Sunday afternoon? Indulge yourself and enjoy the service of our Cosplay Maids. All profits go to the Con Charity.

Charity Auction: At the closing ceremony we hold an auction of donations from vendors, committee, attendees, A4 size prints of that year's badge art, a complete set of regular size badges and anything else we can think of in the moment...

Misc donations: If you have any loose change you want to donate, the Closing Ceremony is the perfect time to do so

We're always open to initiatives from and suggested by attendees so if you have any ideas, just let us know!

Previous Con Charities and Fundraising Totals:

HotaruCon 2
: We are please to announce we raised £3000 for Stonewall UK over the weekend.

That includes £424 from the Bring and Buy, £673 from the Cosplay Cafe, £111 from the Raffle tickets, £110 from Light Wand sales, £66.33 from the Pop up Vendors, £1239.69 from the Charity Auction and cash donations of £504.98 (with a little top up from us to round it up ✨ )

HotaruCon: We are very pleased to announce we raised 1459.15 for MIND over the weekend.

That includes £720 Charity Auction bids, £171.27 Bring and Buy, £10 Pop up Vendors, £308 Cosplay Cafe, £190 cash and £59.88 change from the Closing Ceremony.