22-24 November 2024 - Leonardo, Milton Keynes


Now and then we like to encourage a little friendly competition, either hosted by HotaruCon or proposed by attendees!

We know we’ve got a lot of talent in the community and this is your opportunity to show us.

Read below to learn more about the competitions we have running at this year’s HotaruCon.

✨ AMV/Edit Compeition ✨

Deadline: 30th of October 2023


The entries will be judged by Racerabbit and the Top 3 will be featured on Friday’s AMV disco party. All entries will also be shown in the background at Sunday’s cosplay café. The winner will be announced at the Closing Ceremony on Sunday afternoon.


  1. No limit on entries
  2. Both long and short form submissions are welcome!
  3. Only requirement is that your submissions must be created by you – it doesn’t matter how old they are
  4. Please submit your entries based on Hotarucon’s themes of Anime, J-culture, Fandom and/or Folklore 😊
  5. Deadline to submit your entries are midnight on Monday, October 30th 

What to submit

Please email your entries to: [email protected]

If you wish to submit multiple entries, please submit 1 email per entry and include #1, #2 etc. in the subject title.

The email should include;

Subject title format: Hotarucon AMV Submission @InsertBadgeName #EntryNumber

  • A downloadable link to your AMV/edit. Youtube or Google Drive links are acceptable for example.
  • Your Badge Name
  • Preferred name and pronouns
  • Series/fandoms used in the AMV/edit
  • Optional: A little bit about yourself and your submission

✨ ConBook Cover Competition ✨

Deadline: 30th of September 2023

This is one for all you artists out there! 👀

The ConBook is your A5 printed pocket guide to the convention that every attendee gets free with their registration. It contains a map of the event, descriptions of all the panels, details on guests and various other useful pieces of information.

The rules of engagement are simple:

  1. Must be a paid attendee of HotaruCon to participate
  2. Dimensions: 2480 x 1748 px (300 DPI) CYMK or RGB, .JPEG or .PNG
  3. Feature at least one, if not all, of our Mascots preferably incorporating the Folklore theme
  4. Post that you're entering and your entry to your social media of choice and tag us @hotaruconuk on Facebook, Instagram, X or TikTok*
  5. Either incorporate our HotaruCon logo yourself or we can add it to the winning entry

*You can also just post to our Discord server if you’re not on any of the above

Finally: Emphasis on the friendly competition, like HotaruCon , the aim is to celebrate the creativity in fandom. So bring you A game and cheer each other on

After the deadline the Committee will review the entries and the winner will be featured on the front cover of the ConBook. A small bio and link to socials of the winner's choice will also be featured inside the ConBook.

Last year's back cover by Whisksarebae and front cover by CeriseQueen respectively:

✨ HotaruCon Game Night ✨

Hosted by Oni-91 HotaruCon's got a Game Night on the way, and we're gonna need some players. If you're thinking of having a bit of a laugh with us and a few friends, check this one out!

Sign up here for your chance to take part: https://forms.gle/tD6CgyEVkYymmgxX8