22-24 November 2024 - Leonardo, Milton Keynes

Cosplay and the Masquerade

Cosplay Masquerade and Talent Show, and Firefly Lounge applications for HotaruCon 3 are CLOSED for now...

HotaruCon is your opportunity to showcase your favourite cosplay, arrange groups with old friends or make new ones, engage in photoshoots or just enjoy having the space to immerse yourself in your craft with people that appreciate what you do.

Cosplay is the art of combining costume and roleplay to bring your favourite characters from all sorts of media to life and we love to see it. Cosplay isn't mandatory at HotaruCon but encouraged! We have a number of events you might be interested in, find out more below.

Please ensure your read our Cosplay and Weapons Guidelines.

Cosplay Ball

There is no mandatory dress code for the ball, nor do you have to apply. The event is open to the entire convention.

The Cosplay Ball is the grand finale of the event on Sunday evening, kicking off at 8pm till 10pm, when the theme switches over for the Sunday Afterparty. We’ll have a mixture of live music and dancing tracks, and if you want to pick up some dancing tips we may have some dancing panels over the weekend to learn just that. After a weekend of fun we invite you to dress up in your finest, it doesn't have to be a cosplay, take your fanciest selfies, grab your dancing shoes and waltz away the evening with your friends.

Cosplay Masquerade and Skit Show

The Cosplay Masquerade and Skit Show takes place on Saturday at 5:00pm. It's your opportunity to show off your cosplay and talents on stage before an audience of HotaruCon's attendees and get some snazzy photos pulling your best poses and acts. No experience is necessary. Whether your cosplay is bought or made, from anime or comics, in a group or flying solo, all are welcome here. You can apply HERE.

Cosplay Masquerade and Talent Show entrants and their group members are eligible to claim the Masquerader badge to add to their lanyard collection.

The FireFly Lounge

After a roaring success, by popular demand we're bringing back The Firefly Lounge to spice up Saturday night and preempt the parties with something a little different.

For the audience this is your opportunity to get cosy by the stage with a drink and some snacks while we shut the doors, dim the lights and offer you some entertainment.

For prospective performers, this a non-competitive, cosplay-optional opportunity to break out your moves. Whether that's a cheeky burlesque number or some slight-of-hand, a poetry reading or comedic bit. The aim is to entertain.

You can apply HERE.

Cosplay Chess

Cosplay Chess applications have CLOSED for HotaruCon 3. The board is full, the script is being written and the pieces are hard at work on their costumes.

Cosplay Chess is a scripted game of chess played between two characters, using other cosplayers as the Chess pieces! Cosplay Chess is being Hosted this year by ✨ Tabby (thesparkofrevolution) ✨ and ✨Mariam (Ceresel) ✨.

Cosplayers take to a life size chess board as a substitute for pieces until only one team is victorious, often with some interesting outcomes. Battles between pieces may be comedic, dramatic or just plain silly.

You can sign up as a cosplayer to be a piece in the game, volunteer to help out (e.g. running mics around) or come and watch the spectacle unfold!

Chess participants are eligible to claim the Masquerader badge to add to their lanyard collection.