22-24 November 2024 - Leonardo, Milton Keynes

Cosplay Masquerade

Cosplay Masquerade applications are CLOSED for now...

The Cosplay Masquerade and Skit Show takes place on Saturday. It's your opportunity to show off your cosplay and talents on stage before an audience of HotaruCon's attendees and get some snazzy photos pulling your best poses and acts. No experience is necessary. Whether your cosplay is bought or made, from anime or comics, in a group or flying solo, all are welcome here.

The stage is 6m x 3m and accessed by a 4ft wide ramp that supports light weight vehicles. If you anticipate needing any help getting your costume or yourself to the stage, let us know in the extra requirements section.

The Masquerade will be on Saturday, all entrants will need to assemble in the Masquerade Green Room half an hour before the show. The green room will remain open before, and during the show with chairs, water and places to store your bags while you're doing your thing. You'll need to attend the Masquerade and Talent show briefing Saturday morning so we can check you in (you don't have to be in your show outfit though), take you through the set up, tech check and make sure we have your details right. If you need to make any last-minute changes, this is your time to let us know! If you can't make the briefing because you're running a panel, or for any other reason, just let us know asap and we'll work something out.

You can enter both the Cosplay Masquerade and the Firefly Lounge if you wish.

Cosplay Masquerade entrants and their group members are eligible to claim the Masquerader badge to add to their lanyard collection. You can apply now below.