22-24 November 2024 - Leonardo, Milton Keynes

FAQs: Bring & Buy

How do I buy things at the Bring & Buy?

The Bring & Buy will take payments in cash and credit/debit card.

What can I bring to the Bring & Buy?

Most things, within reason! Items must be legal to sell in the UK. For more details, see the Restricted Items section at the bottom of the Bring & Buy Info.

Do I get money when my items sell?

Yes! 90% of the sale value goes to you. 8.5% goes to the chosen convention charity, and 1.5% covers transaction processing fees.

Can I put things in the Bring & Buy for free?

No! However, the Freecycle table would be perfect.

I am a vendor at HotaruCon! Can I put items into the Bring and Buy?

Yes! We understand that vendors are people too - we’re happy to have items from your own collection or pieces that don’t fit your brand anymore.

I have other questions not listed here.

Please check the Bring & Buy Info for more detailed information, including the full Terms & Conditions, Guidelines, and Restricted Items.