22-24 November 2024 - Leonardo, Milton Keynes

FAQs: Cosplay

Are there any limits on what I can cosplay?

The only limits are your imagination and also the rules within our cosplay guidelines which you can find via the cosplay page.

Do I have to make my own cosplay?

Not at all. All cosplays are welcome, bought, made or edited. The masquerade is non-competitive and all levels and ways of cosplaying are accepted to take part.

Can I photograph the cosplays?

Consent is key, make sure that you have the cosplayer's consent before taking their photograph. Photography will be allowed throughout the masquerade and those on stage will be posing during their walk.

How long do I get on the masquerade?

1 minute for solo cosplayers and 2 minutes for groups.

Can I perform a skit or talent for the masquerade?

The masquerade is a catwalk only style event and non-competitive.

Is there a maximum group size for masquerade?

Yes, the maximum number per group is 6. If you have anymore than this then you would need to enter in separate groups and contact us during application so we can try to have you follow each other in the masquerade.