22-24 November 2024 - Leonardo, Milton Keynes

FAQs: Hotel Accommodation

I've never booked a hotel room before, what do I do?

Go to the Leonardo Milton Keynes website here.

Enter the dates you wish to stay, the number of rooms you need and the number of people staying in the room. You can have maximum 3 adults per room at our host hotel

Click + Add Promo or Group Code and use HOTARUCON2023 for 10% off.

The HotaruCon rate is cancellable but please always read the terms and conditions of sale before purchasing.

You can opt to pay now or pay at check in but you will need card details to reserve the room.

Enter the details of the person who will be handling the reservation, which should match your legal ID.

The process is markedly similar for any hotel you may be booking for our event or similar.

HotaruCon is not responsible for your hotel booking, that is between you and the hotel, though if you have any other questions don't hesistate to shoot us an email or pop in to our discord where our committee and community will be more than happy to help.

Can I book my accommodation when I register for HotaruCon

HotaruCon doesn't provide accommodation with registration. You'll have to book accommodation independently, but we do have a discount code HOTARUCON2023 for 10% off with our host hotel the Leonardo, Milton Keynes which you can use here.

What's the discount code to book with the Leonado hotel?

HOTARUCON2023 for 10% off with our host hotel the Leonardo, Milton Keynes which you can use here.

Do you have discounts for other hotels in the area?

We do not.

Should I book cancellable or non-cancellable?

Our advice as seasoned convention attendees ourselves is to always book a cancellable room, you never know what might come up between now and the event so the best way to protect yourself with a room booking is to use a cancellable rate.

When I check-in to my Hotel should I go to Operations HQ/Badge Registration or the Hotel Reception?

For checking in to your hotel you must go to the hotel front desk.

If I arrive before check-in time is there somewhere I can store my luggage?

Most hotel rooms operate storage for their guests in this situation, if you go to your hotel front desk they will be able to store your luggage for you (usually for free).

HotaruCon does not operate a seperate cloak room or storage area.

Do I need to register for HotaruCon first before booking my accommodation?

No you don't have to register for HotaruCon first as your hotel booking is with the hotel seperate to your HotaruCon registration. We make the discount code HOTARUCON2023 available to all attendees asap to give you maximum flexibility.