22-24 November 2024 - Leonardo, Milton Keynes

FAQs: Dealers Hall and Artists Alley

How do I apply to be an exhibitor?

When registration for exhibitor tables is open head here if you'd like to apply for the Dealers' Hall, or here for Artists' Alley.

We'll get back to you once we've processed applications to let you know if you've been accepted. Those not accepted will be placed on a reserve/waiting list.

When are the Dealers' Hall and Artists' Alley open? When can we set up?

Exhibitor setup is available all day on Friday of HotaruCon from 10am-10pm (if you need to set up after this on Friday, or first thing on Saturday let us know and we'll be able to let you in). Trading days are Saturday (10am-5pm) and Sunday (10am-4pm), with a prompt breakdown on the Sunday evening. Our team of HotaruCon gophers will be available to help with unloading and loading of stock. You can pull up outside the doors of the hotel, there's drop curb access, then 3 lifts to the 1st floor where the event takes place. Parking is available over the road so you will have to move your vehicle after you've dropped off your gear.

Do I have to register for a general Membership to register for a table?

No, you don't need to have already registered for HotaruCon in order to apply for an exhibitor pitch. All exhibitor pitches include a standard registration in addition to your Exhibitor badge. If you have already bought a standard registration and wish to upgrade to a table contact us.

What's a corner pitch?

Two tables arranged in an 'L'-shape. The price of a corner pitch includes both tables and everything else that comes with a standard pitch (chair, HotaruCon registration, accessible entry, and use of the space behind your tables.)

What can I do if I upgrade to have 'walk-in' space?

Anything you like, so long as it's safe! We recommend upgrading to have additional 'walk-in' space if you have clothes rails, tall spinners, open shelving, or anything else that you'd like customers to be able to get up close and personal with. This space will be on the side of your tables, so you can treat your pitch like a small booth.

Standard table pitches can use clothes rails in their rear space for stock storage purposes, but can't invite customers in to browse for safety reasons.

Is there parking available for exhibitors?

Although there is no dedicated parking for exhibitors, Milton Keynes has a fantastic parking system and you'll be able to find an off-street space either just outside or on the other side of the road to the hotel, with very reasonable short- and long-stay pricing. 

I've lost my copy of the Terms and Conditions, but I need to check something.

No worries! You can find them here - this covers both Dealer and Artist pitches. There's lots of important info in the T&Cs about PLI, what you can sell, our refund policy, and more, so please do have a read through.

How do I pick up my badge?

When you arrive come to Ops, don't join the general registration que as all the Vendor badges are stored seperately. A member of the committee or a gopher in Ops will be able to register you, kit you up with your badge and conbag and then lead you to the appropriate vendor space for you to begin setting up.